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DUG Core Values

Dynamics User Group (DUG) is a user and partner community, independent from Microsoft, focused on personal and professional growth for Microsoft Dynamics 365, Dynamics GP, and Power Platform professionals.

Through our FREE membership, we empower everyday users, administrators, developers, and partners with the tools and information required to excel in their professions.

Tools like online discussion forums, a robust Skill-Up learning platform, live and virtual events, 500+ educational videos on our YouTube Channel, and local Meetups to give our community the super-powered resources they need to succeed.

The DUG community is managed by a small group of paid professionals and works closely with the Dynamics User Group Advisory and Programming Committees to ensure the community’s input and best interests are at the forefront when planning for new content and resources.

Our success is in part to our Team-Up Partner Program. Their investment in DUG helps us to provide valuable opportunities across all the DUG programs.

Now, it’s time for you to learn and connect with the community!

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