For anyone who wants to connect with the Microsoft Dynamics and Power Platform community at a regional level. Customers, Microsoft, Partners, ISVs, and everyone in-between can connect to discuss industry topics, network and share ideas. Meetups are hosted by DUG but led by local volunteer leaders.

  • In-person and virtual groups hosted by DUG but led by local volunteer leaders
  • Free to attend
  • Looking to expand our Meetups as well as new volunteer leaders

Interested in becoming a Meetup volunteer leader?

Community Reigns

32 groups
8 countries
6500+ members

5 Reasons to Join Meetups

1. Give yourself a technical edge
2. Build connections with your peers
3. Gain new knowledge
4. Expose to more products
5. Make an impression

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Access to a growing D365 community
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32 Groups in 8 Countries

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