Event Series DUG Webinar

Beyond the Basic Route: Addressing Scheduling Issues for Complex Production Scenarios

REGISTER HERE Presented by Carol Sikes, Microsoft D365 FO Senior Consultant, Argano. This webinar focuses on production scheduling in D365 SCM. We will take a look at setting up production configurations and data for more complex scheduling scenarios such as: Scheduling for both machine and human resources: an example scenario would be a business with...

Event Series DUG Webinar

Get to Know the Admin Center

REGISTER HERE Presented by Ashley Steiner, Independent Consultant for Dynamics 365 & Power Platform, Ashley M Consulting, LLC · Contract Attend this session for tips on how to think like an end user and consider their perspective throughout the lifecycle of a project, and beyond. As a result, you’ll be able to collaborate better than...

Event Series DUG Webinar

Collaborate Like a Boss: Channel Your Inner End User

REGISTER HERE Presented by Ali Nelson, Senior Functional Consultant & Capability Lead, Stoneridge Software Have you ever felt like your technical and end-user teams are on totally different pages? Who hasn’t!? This comes up frequently throughout projects and it can be tough to get your teams to understand each other. It’s SO important to tackle...

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