BizSource Meetup April

Microsoft Španskih boraca 3, Beograd, RS

Za meetup BizSource user grupe se očekuje okupljanje članova i dalje širenje znanja u Microsoftovim tehnologijama koje mnogi svakodnevno koriste na poslu. Težićemo ka tome da BizSource pruži mogućnost sticanja...

BizSource Croatia × Dynamics User Group Adriatic

Microsoft Croatia Horvatova ul. 82, Zagreb, HR

S ponosom najavljujem četvrto okupljanje DUG BizSource Croatia user grupe u suradnji s Dynamics User Group Adriatic. Udružili smo snage s našim prijateljima iz Dynamics User Group Adriatic zbog čega...

Leverage Azure Services in Business Central

Online event

Join our meetup to explore how Azure services integrate seamlessly with Business Central Online. Discover how to unlock the full potential of Azure-powered Business Central. Reserve your spot now!

DUG Tampa April Power Meetup : Power Pages w Nikita Polyakov

501 E Kennedy Blvd 501 E Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL, US

Hands on Lab Experience w Nikita Polyakov w Power Pages Agenda: Demo of Power Pages- 20 Minutes Experiment with Copilot for Power Pages and build a test site! Be sure...

DUG Webinar: GP to BC Database Environments

Online event

When I started learning Business Central, my first question was "Where's my database? "If you're in the same boat, this webinar is tailor-made for you! Let's decode the transition together...

What is new in Release 2024 Wave 1

Online event

Once again, the Power Platform and Dynamics 365 2024 Wave 1 release notes are out and they have tons of new features! No surprise, this release is dominated by copilot...

Project Operations is more than Gnatt Chart

Online event

Speaker: Michelle Albright Microsoft || Dynamics US Global Black Belt - Services Topic: This presentation will focus on Dynamics 365 Project Operations as comprehensive project management solution that combines the...

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